easyclick Software and Informatics Services, founded in 2000, started for having success with bookmarks management sites, later licensed by the portal Clix, and with the Network site meuamig.net. The easyclick began to develop software solutions tailored to the costumers needs. Being an engineering company in Information Technology (IT) innovative and responsive to market developments, where it operates, allows its employees to apply its proven experience en several areas.


meet the software and informatics services market needs, the easyclick aims to develop solutions and services for the Internet, aimed at companies and institutions that look for optimize their business based on innovation and new technologies. Through the diversity of our products that make our offer flexible, it is possible continuously monitor costumers needs, evolving technologies, creating simple software, user friendly and attentive to the cost-effectiveness.


the easyclick offers a set of innovative software, allowing companies to continuously evolve, becoming a recognized company in the Information Technologies and Communication market. As such easyclick believes in its values, which allow their employees to walk in the same direction, both individually and collectively.

  • transparency and honesty with customers and employees;
  • dedication to costumers, making possible the lasting relationships through trust and meet their needs;
  • confidentiality guarantee, we guarantee complete confidentiality of customer's information.

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