easymap GIS

easymap GIS is a GIS (Geographic Information System) platform which allows the management of geographic information, i.e., create, edit, import, analyze and research and provides it on the Internet.

general features
  • Manage layers;
  • Symbolizing data elements and label the map;
  • Create layouts;
  • Export to PDF, JPEG and KML and publish in Google Earth;
  • Customize and working with multiple coordinate and projections systems;
  • Create tables, joints and connect to external databases;
  • Edit geometry and attributes;
  • Perform spatial analysis operations. Determine distance and area and perform buffer and overlay operations (union and intersection);
  • Interoperability with databases PostgeSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Web Mapping Services (WMS) e Web Feature Services (WFS) platforms;
  • Support basemap, such as GoogleMaps;
  • Import and e export shapfiles;
  • Import points of interest /data in text formart and LandXML;
  • Edit multi-user Web environment;
  • Publication of maps on the Internet or Intranet.
  • Easy to use interface;
  • No need to depend on others to manage content, has at its disposal tools that allow its management, taking full autonomy;
  • Improved responsiveness through georeferencing of claims, suggestions and comments;
  • Better management at the level of back-office, since the services and processes focus on a single model;
  • The contents are not placed on overlapping maps of others, ensuring that these are not eliminated, with no possibility of recovery in the event of the maps no longer exist;
  • It's not necessary specific software to work on the map contents, being able to work on any computer with no additional costs;
  • easymap can be found through the easymap mobile software on your mobile, allowing information to be consulted and commented anytime and anywhere, without extra costs.
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