EasyClick started to have success with bookmark management portal, later licensed by the portal Clix, and with the Network site meuamigo.net. The easyclick began to develop software solutions tailored to the costumers needs. Right now, easyclick is a software company that creates products and develops projects based on IoT, AI and machine learning.


Meet the software and informatics services market needs, the easyclick aims to develop solutions and services for the Internet, aimed at companies and institutions that look for optimize their business based on innovation and new technologies. Through the diversity of our products that make our offer flexible, it is possible continuously monitor costumers needs, evolving technologies, creating simple software, user friendly and attentive to the cost-effectiveness.


We offer a set of innovative software, allowing companies to continuously evolve, becoming a recognized company in the Information Technologies and Communication market. As such easyclick believes in its values, which allow their employees to walk in the same direction, both individually and collectively.

  • Transparency and honesty with customers and employees;
  • Dedication to costumers, making possible the lasting relationships through trust and meet their needs;
  • Confidentiality guarantee, we guarantee complete confidentiality of customer's information.



Our team has expertise in Web development, software applications, and mobile applications including location-based services and IoT. Integration of systems, consultancy, development, and implementation of engineering solutions complement our offer. In order to respond effectively and efficiently, with optimized costs and resources, we offer a set of key products.

Do you want to develop an application for web or mobile devices?

We can customize and develop tailor-made solutions for you!

Do you have a need or an idea to launch innovative products or services in the area of Industry 5.0, machine learning or generative AI?

We can customize and develop tailor-made solutions for you!




EasyClaim is a global, multi-channel CRM solution that improves the quality and efficiency of the service provided. All contacts or interactions made with customers are automatically recorded and related. Whether contacts are made by traditional means such as telephone, letter, or by SMS or Internet (Web or E-mail).

With a 360┬║ view of all customer information and history, your company can easily make important decisions or optimize resources to keep customers satisfied and improve service quality.

All the important information for your company, customers, and employees is available in one place. Wherever you want. As you wish.


Work-flow system for real estate valuations with support for valuation or inspection processes for various clients.

  • View process status and details
  • Consult completed assessment
  • Request reanalysis
  • Send messages/incidents to the Company and Evaluator
  • Manage users
  • Assign processes and ask evaluators for reanalysis
  • View process status and details
  • Consult completed assessment
  • Change reports
  • Access to reports
  • Add documents to processes
  • Send messages/incidents to the Bank and Evaluator
  • Possibility to accept or reject processes assigned to you
  • View and process the processes assigned to you
  • Complete the evaluation report
  • Fill in the cost structure
  • Access to reports
  • Send messages/incidences to the Company


A complete map server and client application solution. The server can read data from Databases, and Shapfiles or connect to WMS servers. The client application is web-based, facilitating integration and thus allowing access from any computer on an Intranet or connected to the Internet.

Main features:
  • Pan, Zoom, and Layers
  • Routes, Geocoding, and Reverse Geocoding
  • Design of areas, routes, and locations
  • Integration with WMS and WFS map servers
  • Interoperability with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Integration with GPS location systems
  • Access APIs through Web Services, XML or JSON


An IoT cloud solution to improve the irrigation of green spaces.

Applied to:
  • Public gardens
  • Campus
  • Golf courses
  • Private gardens



A logistics application that simplifies the entire pick-up and delivery operation.
The application optimizes routes, manages proof of delivery (POD), and keeps customers updated on ongoing orders.

Main features:
  • Order listing and order details
  • Pick-up and drop-off record (with photo or signature)
  • Printing of guides and labels
  • Tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Routes, geocoding, and reverse geocoding



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